White Cane Day

White Cane Day is observed worldwide
to recognize the movement of blind people
from dependency to full participation in society.

Our White Cane Day Project runs for the whole of October, annually. We offer all Clubs and Business Partners an opportunity to purchase a unique White Cane Day pin every year, to help raise awareness of sight related issues in our communities and to raise funds that are then used or donated to worthy sight related initiatives.

The long white cane is used by people who are blind or visually impaired as a tool for safe and reliable navigation. It is a symbol of the user’s skills and talents, mobility and independence. It also allows the sighted person to recognize that the user is visually impaired. The white cane was initially developed and put into use as a measure of safety, especially in traffic situations. Sufficient training with an Orientation and Mobility specialist can aid in successful cane use, technique and safety.

The 2023 White Cane Day pin (see above) is a 43mm metal button badge with pin back for pinning to clothes etc. By making the pins available to members of the public, you are showing your support for this very worthwhile project.

Lions BrightSight is offering packets of 100 pins for R500 per packet to all Lions Clubs and Business Partners. The suggested asking donation from the public is R10.00 per pin.

We would love it if clubs use proceeds from the “sale” of White Cane pins a sight related project e.g., sponsoring prescription spectacles for people in need, from Lions BrightSight.

Purchases will be couriered free of charge, to any business address.

“As Lions, we are passionate about sight related health.
It is one of our key service project areas, not just locally,
but internationally too. Your participation will make a difference!!”