Screening Projects

Running a sight related project in your Club has never been easier!

Clubs that have never run sight projects in their communities should consider doing so. It is a very satisfactory project, that requires minimal effort and the returns are excellent!

There are a number of eye conditions that effect sight, many of which we can’t address directly, but our sight programme specifically targets astigmatism. This condition can be corrected with spectacles.

A typical sight project entails a very simple pre-screening process to identify individuals that may require professional assitance and then referring them to an Optometrist that will provide a prescription for corrective spectacles to address the patient’s vision challenge.

Lions BrightSight will then accept the prescriptions (or scripts as we call them) provided by the Optometrist partnering on your project. There is an easy to use online form to fill in and attach the script(s) for direct submission to our lab. You can specify a frame type choice too, which we will attempt to match from the frames we have in stock. New lenses will be ordered and the specs made up. Then, we will courier all the spectacles to your Club, free of charge.

Clubs can run Learner or Community Screening projects in their areas to assist those with vision challenges. We have complete toolkits available online that cover all aspects of managing such a project. We’ve done the ground work for you!

You can download our tool kits from the links below:

Occasionally, BrightSight receives grants from LCIF as well as private donors and we make funds available to Clubs for sight related projects in their areas. (There may be terms and conditions related to the funds.) These funds are available across Multiple District 410.

Please contact the Chairman of the Management Committee for more information.

We look forward to receiving your Club’s presciptions and to working with you to improve sight across our Multiple District …